How do you increase the number of likes on Facebook?

Develop your social notoriety by having as many fans as possible on your Facebook page.

Develop a community with people who actively participate, comment, and share your publications.

Use Facebook to get more visitors to your website and convert them into newsletter subscribers or customers on your store page.

Whatever your problem, there is only one solution: Get more “likes” on your page and, therefore, more Facebook fans.

And the best way to get more likes on Facebook

is to increase your Page’s Edgerank by increasing interaction on your posts. For this, what you should look for on social networks is interactivity. It would help if you encouraged your fans to interact on your page.

To get more likes on your Facebook page, there are different, more or less effective methods; more or less rapid. Visit

Let’s take a closer look at these different methods.

What do you publish? What results in your number of likes on Facebook?

In 2011, Buddy Media analyzed the pages of the 100 largest sellers on Facebook for six months. And from this study, it turns out that you can increase your number of likes on Facebook compared to WHAT you post  :

Investing a lot of money is optional to increase the number of likes on a Facebook page. Above all, you must often publish exciting shared articles that bring likes.

In this regard, here is what is most effective for increasing likes on Facebook:

Photos have 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more clicks.

Posts with 80 characters or less have 66% more engagement. Truly concise posts have much more impact on the share rate.

The questions have 100% more comments compared to a classic publication.

To initiate a dialogue with your fans, ask a question. Questions receive 2x more likes and engagement than non-question posts.

Four little tips to increase the number of likes:

(1) Always use a call to action in each post to increase interaction: “click like,” “give me your opinion,” “send the post to a friend,”…

(2) Also, think about humor. Internet users will never broadcast an advertisement, but a funny image will go around the web.

(3) Choose photos that play on emotions. One of the strategies that works best is the cat strategy. This consists of publishing a photo that makes you smile to make you forget the worries of everyday life for a few seconds. You have to look at the number of likes for cat photos.

(4) I have also noticed that inspiring, motivating, or love quotes work well and obtain many likes and shares.

You can also increase your Facebook likes by WHEN you post:

The best time to post is Wednesday. Peak engagement is at 3 p.m.

Posting information 1-2 times per day increases engagement by 40%.

Posting 1 to 4 times per week gives 71% more engagement.

Regardless, you should always test your approaches to see what is best for you.

Offer something? What results in your number of likes on Facebook?

To another extent, offering discount codes helps increase Facebook fans’ engagement with your online business.

You should know that reductions displayed in “Euros” are twice as successful as in %. This is probably because people don’t like doing math. They need to be more active to convert a % into euros, and a reduction of 15 euros will be more meaningful than a reduction of 15%.

Even discounts under 10 euros receive 17% more engagement than their % equivalent. In conclusion, fans prefer cash discounts even if the amount is small.

From a blog or a website, it is possible to offer a white paper or a PDF with high-added value in exchange for a  like

on your Facebook page, but be careful; the like must not be forced. It must be done with the goodwill of visitors to the site. Some websites use plugins such as Sociallocker, which allows you to block the content of an article via WordPress and unblock it in exchange for a like. I do not recommend using this process because Facebook has been straightforward about forced likes. “

You  should not  force

people to use social modules or to like a page. And since August 7, 2014, Facebook has been chasing “bad likes,” that is to say, forced likes to access content or obtain something (like a PDF or a promo code). The risk is to see your Facebook page blocked.

Publish competitions? What results in your number of likes on Facebook?

Feel free to publish competitions because they work very well.

Offering the chance to win a giveaway gets a lot more engagement.

For example, on the Optic 2000 page, a regular publication receives around 20 likes while a competition receives on average 1500 likes (this is the example of the Opticselfie game from Optic 2000 to win Elite Model’s Fashion sunglasses as well as a photo shoot with a professional ).

And examples of this type are legion on Facebook.

Interact with other Facebook pages? What results in your number of likes on Facebook?

The idea is to surf the websites and Facebook pages frequented by your target, make friends with the site or page manager, and then publish your texts with a link to your Facebook page.

You can also comment on posts from other Facebook pages on the same topic as yours; this helps to have more fans.

You can also subscribe to communities and be active on these Facebook groups to make your page known. Interacting in discussion groups helps increase the visibility of your page.

Asking directly for exchanges of likes also works very well. On several occasions, I have been contacted directly by managers for an exchange of likes.

This type of “manual” promotion of your Facebook page is very effective in the long term. However, this takes considerable time to set up because you must participate in discussions to actively influence and grow your network.

A chat of likes? What results in your number of likes on Facebook?

Buying Facebook fans is by far the quickest practice to increase your number of likes, and for this, platforms such as digitalikes.com have specialized in this niche.

Some Marketers use it to gain credibility and create attraction quickly. The idea is to boost your activity because the more thousands of likes you have on a Facebook page, the more people think your page must be extraordinary, and the more they will like it—only some people like a Facebook page with ten or even a hundred likes.

Imagine you have your restaurant. Your full restaurant will attract more people than if your restaurant is empty. In your case, buying likes would mean filling your restaurant with ten friends to encourage strangers to come to your place. Visit

As you can see, likes are the key indicator of a Facebook page. Internet users, businesses, and brands only look at that! The number of people who follow you on social networks. Because a page with many fans reassures and gives the impression that the content is interesting.

To increase your number of likes, your content must be beneficial. You must respond to the common interest of your community and create engagement and emotions.

The more involved the Internet user feels, the more they will interact on your page (like, share, comment).

I seek to respond to the common interests of my community to create engagement and emotions by publishing short texts and content with high-added value.

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