Dragon Ball Daima Trailer, Release Date & Storyline 2023!!

so I’ve just finished watching the Dragon Ball ComicCon panel and let me tell you my feelings about this particular Dragon Ball product are yeah that was the prevailing Trend wasn’t it for all of the stuff that we were looking forward to and all of the advertising that we were told to watch the panel online we barely saw any of it not even the stuff that was seen 10 years ago with the Battle of Gods promo I’m actually kind of glad I didn’t live stream this because quite frankly

it would have been absolutely disappointing but the main thing that you’re here to talk about and to find out more information about is this new Dragon Ball anime called Dragon Ball Magic ah got you there it’s actually daer now no one’s quite sure what daer is but basically we were watching the AJ and totally not Mark stream haven’t I and their best guess that it had something to do with the idea of great evil so like just big evil as if all the other Dragon Ball villains weren’t something to do with big evil

but either way it’s the prevailing feeling of uh dragon ball meets Muppet baby so essentially there’s this great evil that not only turns Goku into a child but also turns Vegeta into a child the Crill dog into child even Master roshi into a child everybody gets turned into a kid and therefore it’s like GT times 100 so Goku gets turned into a kid yet again but hey why don’t we increase the marketing by making everybody a child so obviously this is going to be a sort of creation that means that everybody has to try and find their way to becoming adults again but one thing I can tell you from the very very limited resources that we were able to see we got to see some really crisp animation there was really good 3D effects there was really good CGI camera effects and there was some good animation in there too this looks like it’s actually been worked on very carefully and apparently this is actually going to be a full series they’ve not talked about this being a particular web anime as far as we can tell from the information

That we got this is something that’s going to be a proper series coming out in Autumn of next year so we’re going to be having to wait a whole year before this actually comes out there will be some more information about Dragon Ball daimer in January or so during the battle hour or something like that but from what I was able to see I kind of get a feeling that it’s very intriguing it’s something that I’m kind of looking forward to actually this seems like it’s going to be a novel premise and the animation just looks wonderful when I saw a shot of Shenron just magically creating himself into complete view

It was so crisp the particle effects were really really nice this looks like a project which is the antithesis of Dragon Ball super in that we are not seeing a rush job here folks we are seeing a proper project coming together with a lot of care and attention this looks really really detailed I I’m actually kind of stoked I feel so relieved that we’re not going to be getting a web anime or an anime coming out in the spring where it might have been rushed that we may have only had three or four months of preparation time because back then when they released Dragon Ball super information in April we barely had a logo

we then got an anime 2 months later and we all suffer the consequences for it it looked terrible it fell into absolute chaos here though I don’t think it is but I don’t understand the idea about why they had to like bar everyone at home from being able to see it it just didn’t really make any sense it just felt like you’re getting all this hype up for absolutely nothing and I do appreciate the idea that they wanted to reward people who attended the convention

but you’re trying to publicize the thing but what you’re doing is kind of not publicizing it if you know what I mean because you’re just creating publicity negatively because everything was B including stuff the Xenoverse 2 that people already knew about and the card game and the Battle of God’s 10th anniversary promotion everything was barred but this might not have had something to do with Dragon Ball but it might have had something to do with the convention organizers as totally not

Mark was alluding to but this was still something really strange but overall I’m actually kind of looking forward to this I would like to see some more screenshots and just a general understanding about what we could actually expect but from as far as we can tell this is going to be a series about everyone turning into a child and they have to find a way of getting back to becoming regular adults again so this isn’t really telling us much about

when this is taking place in the actual timeline because we see Vegeta in his regular Saiyan Armor we see Goku in his regular geek so in terms of the actual presentation and what the characters look like it’s not really giving us information about where it is in the Dragon Ball super timeline or whether or not it’s completely different and it’s in another timeline altogether these are things that we really have not got a lot of knowledge about but torama did actually provide some information and actual message and he read like this hello

I’m the cator armor as if we didn’t know I’m currently working on a new Dragon Ball the title is Dragon Ball daer daer is a madeup term which is Japanese characters that would be that our in English would be something like evil due to a conspiracy Goku and his friends are turned small in order to fix things they’ll head off to a new world it’s a grand adventure with intense action in an unknown and Mysterious World since Goku has to make up for his petite size he uses his noo that’s the power pole to fight something not seen in a long time I came up with the story and settings as well as a lot of the designs I’m actually putting a lot more into this then usual things will unfold that close in on the mysteries of the Dragon Ball World

hope you will enjoy these different from Mutual battles that are cute and Powerful so toyama’s trying to actually go in a completely different direction and the fact that he’s actually in involved in this 100% means that for those of you wondering yes this might be Canon this might be something that Toriyama actually sees as part of the Dragon Ball world and he’s actually really excited about it and it’s something that kind of looks like more his modern style of Dragon Ball instead of stuff that we actually saw in the ’90s and even with Dragon Ball super honestly but to me this feels like this is something that is going to be made with a lot of care and attention

something that we did not see with Dragon Ball super which was rushed out I definitely feel like this is going to be something that we could actually get hype about because there’s nothing wrong with the animation because that was a big complaint to Super there doesn’t really seem to be anything wrong with the visuals either and the storyboarding and the composition those things are really good too but the main thing that I really just cannot abide by is the fact that they absolutely barred the actual people at home from being able to see it and I get the feeling that that is just basically a kick in the teeth for the leakers to make sure that nothing gets leaked out

but really we’ve seen screenshots and pictures from people who were there at the panel and they told us including the DJ Elliot not to use our phones because that would be naughty and you should enjoy the moment yeah you’re not really going to get that mate you’re going to get people streaming this to get clout as we saw and then we actually get highres pictures I’m probably not going to show those ones here because I don’t want to get nobbled right now I’m pretty sure there’ll be a highres trailer coming out soon

you really should go give it a look for itself so basically we’re getting a series called Dragon Ball evil yeah that that that’s what we’re getting it’s called Dragon Ball evil but then again at least it’s something different instead of just Dragon Ball super because then what’s super about it and at least it’s a sort of word but Dragon Ball dier Dam I’m intrigued to learn more so I know this is actually a relatively short video but this is pretty much what I could think of in the here and now.

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