Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 52 Goku, Vegeta Fight Against Majin Ozotto & Release Date

So we gonna discuss about the Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 52 its release date, what can happen in that ep Goku & Vegeta vs Majin Ozzoto Fight. We actually have animation now when it comes to the meteor Mission as we already seen the first episode it was a CGI like movie coming from cutscenes of the video game where the creators released a opening and within that opening we see a lot.

Now as you might see in the beginning of this opening you see the animated character beats actually putting this card into the machine and he’s getting ready to go inside of the game to actually play right there he’s met with Goku who is in his completed Ultra Instinct he looks back at them smiling and they both transform into their completed versions of ultra Instinct as the two kids and Goku get ready to actually jump into their missions that’s when we’re cut with a cut scene that shows Hearts.

He looks distressed the reason for that is because he sees LS in front of him him and LS have a close relationship as we seen in a new meteor Mission manga he already can tell that that wasn’t lags so he knows it’s somebody who has shape shifted into lags in front of him now of course we see and we already know that that’s marginal Z.

I can also tell you that’s looking at this video that the three SS that’s going to be pretty much going through this mission to go ahead and get everybody back it’s going to be Goku Vegeta and xano Trunks the next cut scene shows them actually Goku in Ultra Instinct Omen Vegeta in Super Saiyan blue Evolution and Zeno trunks in Super Saiyan God they all three do a fist bump and they all go into their most highest Transformations getting ready to find Martin oato and take him out now

Before we seen that cut scene there it actually showed Goku Vegeta and Zeno Trunks and they kind of showed their Silhouettes but off to the left side it showed memorable moments for Goku’s silhouette they showed him going Super Saiyan for the very first time to his most recent transformation which is the completed version of ultra instinct for Vegeta.

They showed him fighting against semi perfect Cil and then it showed him alongside trunks fighting against Goku black or should I say muris zamasu and for trunks or xano trunks they only showed him going into Super Saiyan guy now on the arcade Mission side of things his card is revealed.

His special ability is to transform into who he’s already consumed which is lags at the moment and this method for attack seems to be opening some type of warp hole that shows a blast coming out of it it looks like Goku’s Kami hameh high but we don’t know the name as of yet now of course we just completed the ultra guide Mission Part of Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

But it looks like in the 13th anniversary guide the namekian warrior in Black comes from A Spacetime after fusing with nil and where Goku couldn’t make it in time he got killed with the others by Frieza and Namek so that really does explain why he kept calling Gohan his disciple he didn’t quite get that real close bond

that he would have gotten if things would have happened according to the way his arranged now going back to the meteor Mission the translations are out for it now in my previous video I did go ahead and cover the entire manga in this raw format I won’t go over the whole translated chapter I’m just going to point out some of the couple of things that my translations did not point out in the original video.

But I will leave the link to this translated copy down in the description so make sure to drop a like the official translated title was the three s gathered to defeat a new evil now according to the translation when they got to King Kai’s Planet everyone noticed that the lady Supreme Kai of time konola realized that something was off Toki Toki.

The bird of time is too come but she can’t really put a finger on it it’s nothing particularly unusual besides King Kai being missing on his own Planet but of course it wasn’t just King Kai that was missing on that particular Planet but bues and Gregory is not there either so what she does is she goes to her team the time Patrol she asked Gohan or should I say Zano Gohan to confirm the time scrolls with everybody.

She also confirms that she let xano Goku go back earlier so he should arrived at the time that’s pretty soon just like I stated in my previous video the reason why Vegeta attacked King Kai earlier is because he sent something was off well what he actually sensed was killer inent and as you go through this chapter you can actually see that.

Vegeta’s picking up on a lot of other things he’s the one that picked up that he was using lag’s ability when oato used glass to actually cut Piccolo’s arm Vegeta was also the one that picked up that he was using heart’s ability to reminds when trunks actually sliced through the goo that oato used to consume Gohan he actually let him slice it on purpose even though he had already eaten Gohan.

He just merely wanted to test Piccolo’s regeneration he also admitted that that heard it a lot and that he can only use that so many times it’s also confirmed that when Vegeta was about to get absorb by zato the supreme god time did tell him to run to get away and he was offended Vegeta was offended by them telling him to run like who do you think.

I am that’s exactly what he said as he burst into his his Super Saiyan blue Berserker control transformation but even then ozato wasn’t even phased he was actually glad he said oh he repelled me with his key and of course at the end of this chapter everyone’s pretty mad at Goku because they thought that when he shot the kamami high and blasted ozato into pieces like that that he had actually killed him.

Without getting any type of useful information out of him but of course we already know as the audience that oato is very much alive and he just spying in on this situation at large if you stay to the end of this video please leave me a like likes go a way on this channel subscribe if you’re brand new turn on those post notifications that way you can be reminded every time I upload a new video and I’ll see you guys on the next one very.

So now it’s time for the release date, Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 52 release date is not confirmed yet by the makers. as it comes i will definitely update you guys till then bye bye.

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